03.10.2012 Solar, stitching, and a woodpecker

Kieran was up with the sunrise, and thus so was Arjun. Through some small miracle it was bright and cloudless, and by 8am the solar panel kit was out and charging.

With a full day off but nowhere to go, we got about finding productive things to do. The zip on Kierans summer sleeping bag was knackered, so he spent four hours meticulously stitching it up along the zipper fabric, and then, now quite well practiced, sewed some velcro patches onto his jackets for the Union Jack patch. Arjun stitched up his trouser crotch and parts of worn seams on his rucksack, then tried to get an even tan but gave up after an hour and took to drawing pictures instead.

In the afternoon we both completely emptied our carts and rucksacks, and went about reorganising and repacking them, hoping for to create space somewhere. We failed, though Kieran found a new way of organising his cart which he thought he’d try out.

During the packing we observed a woodpecker, though couldn’t get a decent photo of it as it moved through the tops of the trees.

That evening we sat up playing cards, prepared for a repeat incident of the night before. Luckily it was quiet and with the incredibly flat ground we both got a good nights sleep.


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