02.10.2012 A bang in the night

Early on into the day we made it to a town, which didn’t look to be the safest of places so we stopped by a garage on the main road to do our shopping.

The garage was no good for the shopping we needed, we would have to go into the town, luckily however, in Ukraine things aren’t what they seem.

As we walked in a man approached us to talk, he was impressed with our story and directed us to a shop not too far into the place. At the shop the ladies behind the counter were friendly and patient and even rounded down the price for us to make the change easier. Pleasantly surprised, we went back to the main road garage, where another man approached us for a chat and wished us luck.

In spite of appearances, people in Ukraine are really friendly!

We walked out of town into a strip of woodland off in fields and found a snooker table flat bit of ground where we set up camp. We agreed that if it was cloudless the next day we would charge the solar panels and stay another night.

It got dark.

As we were drifting off our tent was momentarily lit up, followed by the sound of a car driving past and pulling up not far away. We immediately got out of the tent and grabbed our things, wondering what was going on. We were way off the road, but near a farmers track which the car had driven down and parked up on, about ten metres from our tent. Not sure if the car had seen us (we were off in trees), we sat and waited, but heard no voices, no music, and saw no lights.

After an hour of waiting with no idea what they were doing, we began discussing sleeping in shifts, and it was then when a light came on in the car, revealing a young couple lighting up cigarettes. Shortly afterwards they started up the car and drove off. We checked the area quickly just in case, then went back to the tent to sleep.



  1. Debby

    Great news on the people, did you get any sleep???

  2. judy

    ..like friendly people :)) x

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