01.10.2012 Not looking for a repeat act

In the night our tent was illuminated by a considerably bright moon. We know because it was cold as the arctic and we again got no sleep.

Up early like yesterday, we walked a few km and stopped for a sandwich. We then walked a few more and stopped to fix Arjuns bag where a clip had come apart. We walked for a little bit more to a garage and stopped to chill for a while buying water. Can you tell we were wasting time?

Checking our distance we walked a short distance to camping and wondered how we were all of a sudden covering such distance so easily. We set up camp and were asleep before dark. We were then awake before midnight, occasionally drifting off for a few minutes at time for the rest of the night whilst waiting for the day to start.


One comment

  1. Debby

    You need sleeping patterns sorting out..

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