30.09.2012 Twenty by two and a reread of the small print

In the early hours of the morning there was heavy rain and high wind, which combined with our location on the edge of woodland meant we were awake most of the night. Conveniently it stopped with the sunrise, so though we got no sleep we were able to pack up and get onto the road early in relative comfort.

It actually worked out quite well, and by 2pm we stopped in a bit of stray road having done 20km, wondering what to do. The sky was mostly clear and though it wasn’t hot it was sunny, so we decided to get the solar panel kit out again. The previous days charge was too short for anything useful, but today we had most of the afternoon left.

Whilst we relaxed, we noticed a large number of Lithuanian cars drive by, watched a couple of older men robbing sweetcorn from a field, and cursed every cloud that passed over and ruined our solar collection time.



  1. Debby

    Hope you got some sweetcorn..

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