29.09.2012 Sunny door space

We woke up early and stopped at a garage whilst Arjun charged his phone. Checking the map we found we were doing well, and so as the day heated up Kieran stopped to change into his sandals and we walked at a causal pace.

A man pulled up in a nice car, said he’d passed us a few times and wanted to offer us a lift. After we explained what we were doing he gave us a bag of varied chocolate and wished us luck.

As the afternoon wore on we saw what looked like a door in a field off the road, so stopped to take a look. Ended up being a door sized concrete box instead, but we chilled in the area and decided to get the solar panel kit out to catch some late sun.



  1. elaine

    well done kieran keeping our eye on you hope you are having a great time . keeping llan informed keep it up elaine and anne

  2. Debby

    Good idea, charging a couple of things..

  3. Charl

    fab pics. Theo says hello K x

  4. Judy

    ..nice pics boys, and the sun is shining :)) x

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