27.09.2012 Hakuna matata

After last nights phone calls we did some more maths and revised our daily distance up from 15km a day to 18km a day, giving ourselves a day off to charge our electronics at some point.

Dry and warm, our spirits were a little lifted, so we forgot about our worries made our way to garages for water refills. We walked past three, without any one of them boasting a shop or clean water, but the third one was by a hotel which did sell bottled water. It’s kind of against what borderwalk is all about, but we had no choice, so bought a supply and continued on.

Along the road we saw snakes sunbathing, and a very strange, alien like, butch preying mantis.

We stopped in a picnic area where the wind caused a hailstorm of acorns, and also walked past a clearing in the woods with two helipads randomly tarmacked into it.

As we ate that evening in camp we noticed we were going through our food a little quickly, with 80km to go until the next sign of civilisation.



  1. Debby

    Hungry then boys….. that is what walking does for you…. Can’t wait for the next blog to see how your journey to Kiev turned out.. I know that we already know, but I love reading your quirky little blogs on wordpress..
    Carry on walking you are both doing really really well, and ditto to comments below x

  2. Judy

    ……..I echo the comments posted by Si……chin up boys…..pleased to hear from you again big :)) x

  3. Si

    Hey boys. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling downhearted about the project the past few days, although I guess it’s hardly surprising that you’ll have ups and downs along the way (just like the rest of life really! but with more walking). Selfishly, your journey’s become a lovely constant thing for me (!) – knowing that, somewhere, you guys are walking towards Australia! I hope you feel like you want to keep at it and enjoy (at least mostly) one of the most unique experiences that anyone in the history of the world will ever have!

    I’ll be watching you…..mwahahahahahaha.

    Si (in Brighton)

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