25.09.2012 Raining inside and out

We woke up to pitter patter rain, but once on the road made distance with ease.

For Arjun it was a morning of reflection, and after doing 10km we sat down for a break and discussed our chances of actually making it to Australia. It got us down quite a bit, but we shrugged our shoulders and decided to leave it for the evening. We made another 7km until we felt rain then stopped in woodland to camp. Luckily we managed to get everything up and sorted before the rain really kicked in, and sheltering in the tent with the sound of a storm outside, we again discussed the projects chances of success.



  1. Debby

    You are the projects success, you have made it this far and with strong hearts and minds you can keep going.

  2. Judy

    …I marvel at how you have, for the majority, kept your spirits up and kept your sense of humour….and the weather has, for the most part, been against you but you haven’t faltered in your cause….there are going to be ‘down’ days as well as up and you wouldn’t be human if they didn’t affect you, but you still carry on, all credit to you…….:)) xxx

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