22.09.2012 A late arrival to Sarny

Woke up to a dry day, it was bliss. Everything was still wet from the cold, but we were finding ourselves warmer at night and able to get some decent sleep.

We walked towards a town hoping to get some shopping done and get through, we needed a day off to charge things and deal with getting equipment sent over with Kierans parents, and we’d made up the distance to have one as soon as it was sunny enough for the solar panels.

We made a quick stop in a roadside shop, and to our surprise Roman was sat inside. We again stopped for a while chatting, and he explained that he walked mostly at night, so must have leap-frogged us. We stayed a little too long, and after saying goodbye again we made it to the railway bridge on the outskirts of town.

Overlooking the place it was clear the road we were on didn’t go near the centre, and we didn’t have enough light to be wandering around trying to find a shop. We checked the garages en-route but none had shops, so we agreed we’d just have to walk back in the following day. However, as we were walked out we passed a few hotels, and figuring that access to the internet was becoming an increasing necessity, we inquired in one hotel about prices, and checked in.

Only three star, and only very cheap, but the place had individually wrapped toothpicks, free slippers, a bathroom the size of a bedroom, hairdryers, restaurant… i could go on, suffice to say it was nice. Being late we relaxed in the restaurant where there was a, unique DJ/live music performance from a guy with a keyboard and mic.




  1. Debby

    take it you used the hairdryer to dry your clothes…. ha ha

  2. Judy Timney

    ..you deserve a biit of comfort…..:))

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