21.09.2012 Minimalist walker

Despite our thermals, we were cold all night, and woke up to it still raining. We again waited until midday hoping for it to pass, but it didn’t, and so we packed up wet and cold and continued, still in sandals and trainers.

The overpriced sausage from yesterday tasted like how we imagined dog food would, but along with an unsliced loaf it was all we had for 40km, so after making it to a picnic area we stopped to try and enjoy it. We also decided to change into boots as the cold and rain was really getting us down.

At the picnic area we saw a man who we’d walked past a couple of days ago. Nothing to mention at the time, just a guy with a large rucksack in what looked like army surplus gear, but as we sat he came over to chat and we discovered that there was much more to him than met the eye (hey Roman!).

He was Czech, and had walked all around Europe with hopes of getting to Asia, and looking at his maps we found that we’d done almost identical routes through Poland! He was a real minimalist, literally carrying maps, a bible, sleeping bag, leather tarp, shovel and food satchel. We were impressed, and through broken English managed to have a good laugh with him for a while before eventually shaking hands and wishing each other luck. He had no email address to share but took our card, and if you’re reading this Roman, please keep in touch if possible, would be good to meet up again in the future!

A little inspired, we made good distance that evening, and found good camping just as the rain began to let off.



  1. Debby

    Nice to see you are getting some sleep

  2. Judy Timney

    ..you look very cosy….and I’m pleased you are still meeting some nice people to chat with…..:))

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