20.09.2012 The rains begin

In the night it started raining. We had phoned our parents in the night, and Kierans had decided to come out to Kiev to see us in the coming weeks. We worked out time and distance and calculated that we needed to cover only15km a day to meet them in time, so decided to wait until midday to see if the rain would pass. It didn’t.

We were totally unprepared for rain, with Kieran wearing sandals to preserve his boots and Arjun in trainers for the same reason. We got soaked, and we got cold.

We waked 8km to a garage with no shop, walked a little further to a shop where we bought overpriced sausage and mushroom flavoured crisps, and donated Arjuns spare towel to a shivering stray puppy, which we cradled warm, gave a bit of food to and fashioned a shelter for out of a cardboard box.

After making no more than a couple of more km we called it quits at a treeline and hastily set up camp. Arjun got into thermals and Kieran put on everything he had spare lying about the cart. In the night Kieran caved in and got out his thermals as well. It rained continuously.



  1. Judy Timney

    hello you two!!!!!! I will be getting on your site soon and keeping in touch with you. thiinking of you both and take care till next time… love me (Sarah) xx

  2. Debby

    yep, we came home from holiday because of the heavy rain and floods…..

  3. Judy Timney

    ……….it seems to be raining all over the world at the minute……:))

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