18.09.2012 Converting money

It was really cold in the twilight hours, and we got on the road early to make it to a garage for water.

When we eventually came across one, we were pleased to find a festival like trough with taps in the car park near the toilets, which truckers assured us was drinkable (they were all filling up large bottles of the stuff to drink). We drank excessive amounts of water, then went to buy some food from the garage. We picked up some biscuits and a juice each, then went to pay, only to be told they didn’t accept card. Low on food, we broke out the $20 bill we had been donated by an American couple at a restaurant in Poland, and exchanged it for Ukrainian notes.

We set up camp a bit back up the road and built a small alcove in the woods to set up camp.


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  1. Judy Timney


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