17.09.2012 A big detour

We got on the road out of the woods with a big empty stretch of road to the next treeline, and we had forgotten to refill our water the day before.

On either side of the road was literally wild grassland for miles, and when we eventually came across a junction we followed it to the nearest town 4km away. The town had no garage, indeed no buildings of any kind except farm houses but for a bar and a shop, neither of which had clean tap water, and so we were forced to spend the last bit of cash we had on us on cheap bottled soda water.

After the 4km walk back to the road we were feeling a bit ground down, but a van of outdoors men pulled over to chat, wishing us luck and lifting our spirits a bit. We found a bit of hidden ground behind crops and camped just as it was getting dark.


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  1. Judy Timney


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