16.09.2012 Some warm welcoming gestures

We had camped right before a large town, and looking at the map we decided to dip in for food shopping and then follow a ring road around the place.

As we entered, three clearly drunk men over the road called over, no idea what they said but they continued past without incident. We then found a suited man and asked where the nearest shop was, to our surprise he spoke fluent English and told us where the nearest ATM was as well. We shopped for a week, not entirely confident in the regularity of shops that accepted card on our route, and then went out along the ring road.

Overall, we didn’t feel unnerved at any point, and on the way around we even had some friendly gestures from cyclists, one even giving us a fist pump as he went past.

We were stopped by police again, who in a business like fashion checked our passports and waved us on, which was strange as not too earlier on we had seen a van driver go past with a baby on his lap behind the wheel.

We found good camping and sat around killing numerous mosquitos before dark.


One comment

  1. Judy Timney

    to quote……’different strokes for different folks’……..:))

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