15.09.2012 Code and bullet-proof cars

Woke up to heavy rain, which kept up in the tent until about 11am and meant we didn’t get on the road until gone midday.

Whilst walking an outdoors man pulled over and took a card, Kieran had to flex his knowledge of German to communicate.

Later on as the day was coming to an end, we came across a cafe, where we decided to try some food. Unfortunately we have no knowledge of the cyrillic alphabet, and when the menu came out it may as well have been alien. No one spoke English, so we pointed to a random item and awaited our surprise. As we were sat a man from a table across the way came over to chat, and in extremely broken English asked us to go see his friends car. It was just around the side of the building and so we agreed, not expecting what ended up to be a half-tank vehicle.

The food we ordered ended up being ham toasties (what are the chances?), and after the snack we moved on to nearby woods to do some much needed chores.

We greased up the cart wheels and bearings, repaired some inner tubes and Arjun did some stitch fixing on his bag and trousers.


  1. Debby

    getting a bit domesticated…… well done

  2. Judy Timney


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