14.09.2012 Wedding finger check

We got out of the tent early, wanting to make it through the next town in good time. Instead we messed around with the cameras for a bit, but fortunately the town was much closer than we expected and we made it before the afternoon.

We stopped at a garage on the way in and had our first experience of bad water. It came out of the tap a slight brown, and an attendant explained that it wasn’t drinkable, so we bought juice.

Walking through town was an experience. Without wanting to use the word, it felt very soviet, and we got a lot of stares as we passed. Quite intimidating. On the way out we passed a couple of drunk ladies on a horse and cart who tried to converse, but the only thing we understood was when one of them checked our wedding fingers for rings.

We continued out into woodland to camp, having covered nearly 25km.



  1. Debby

    probably wondering what two good looking guys are doing not married……

  2. Judy Timney

    yep….a different world…….like the pics :))

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