A word of warning on Ukraine

Today (09.09.2012) we leave for the Ukraine border. We are about a day, two days away, without another decent sized town until Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Ukraine.

We have done our research and there is wifi in Ukraine, but we don’t know how frequently or how free, so just a heads up that it might be a while until we get a chance to blog again. Hopefully not, but just letting you guys know.

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Thanks for reading,

Kieran and Arjun.

About theborderwalk

Journey on foot from the UK to Australia. www.ArjunBhogal.co.uk


  1. Debby

    Liking your cup of tea….. bet it tastes nice. Say bye to Poland and hi to the Ukraine x

  2. Charl

    Be careful you two, will keep a look out for updates, update us asap :) x

  3. Judy

    yes s s ……keep phones charged PLEASE … I’m sure you are taking all precautions…. get what pleasure you can from the Ukraine but be safe. Hope to hear from you soon xxx :))

  4. jagtar

    Keep you phones charge …. take care, speak to you soon.

  5. Christine

    Take care x

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