06/07.09.2012 An extremely nice upstairs

We woke up, rather typically, to heavy rain. Luckily we’d camped under dense foliage so it was only walking in that we got wet.

We went straight to the hotel, and they showed us to our room upstairs, which ended up being pretty lavish, indeed the entire upstairs of the hotel was uncharacteristically opulent. We indulged immediately, showering, cleaning clothes, sticking electronics on charge, browsing the internet, etc etc.

After wasting a few hours on comforts, we went out into the town with our shopping list of essentials, things like bike grease, puncture repair kits, extra nuts and bolts, nothing fun or entertaining. We managed to get everything and so returned to the hotel to being the logistical work.

We didn’t do logistical work. We decided that with a full day off tomorrow we could maybe relax a little more, and so went to buy a couple of cans of cheap beer to enjoy with a couple of films. In a small shop a guy working asked why we were in Hrubieszów, and took down our website and blog address (hey Paweł!).


The next day we spent the entire day on the computer. Not too exciting. But many things were done logistically.



  1. Debby

    very nice

  2. Judy Timney

    ..looks nice…..:))

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