02.09.2012 Two beers at two with four

Had an egg breakfast in the hotel, then headed to woodland on the other side of Krasnystaw. Through the town we saw a Christian concert in a church, Arjun got stopped by a drunk man who didn’t speak a word of English but spoke for about fifteen minutes, and we made it past the small bit of woodland on the other side.

We crested a rise in the landscape and saw how far away the next treeline was, so decided to stop in some fields next to a fallen tree for cover. After chilling for a while, a small gathering of people formed a way off by the road, but in sight. They seemed to be discussing land for sale and as they weren’t paying us attention we decided not to approach and instead waited for them to leave. After a while of them not leaving, a police van turned up.

The policemen asked what we were doing, laughed about the situation and said we were fine where we were, we’d just worried some of the locals, and shortly after that everyone left we settled down and got some sleep.

At around 2am, four of the lads from the gathering came back with beers (hey Lucas, Daniel, Damien and Tomasz!), and we sat up till gone 3am chatting and having a laugh.



  1. Debby

    Oh my.. not again..

  2. Judy Timney


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