31.08.2012 An officers downtime. And a puppy.

We got a really good nights sleep, and spent time that morning going over our extreme good luck the day before. Taking it as a lesson learnt that even in the safest countries, there are always going to be a small amount of bad people, we packed up and got on the road, reinvigorated with the task ahead.

As we were walking, by pure coincidence, Piotr from the day before drove past and pulled over to say hello. He lived not far from where we were at the time and offered us some food and a drink at his, so we took directions and met him down the road.

There we met his wife Marta, and we were given a nice meal and coffee and stayed a while for a chat. We saw their two lovely dogs, one extremely well trained and the other a puppy who bounded around the entire time in excitement! As the sun started to get low and we got ready to leave, Piotr noticed Arjuns broken handle. Very kindly he took it around to his neighbour Christopher who welded it fixed, a fantastic help as it had been worrying Arjun all day. With a couple of bottles of water as well, we said goodbye and continued down the road. Thanks again guys!


  1. Judy Timney

    Great people meeting great people…it is a wonderful world…. and yes, lesson learned….you have indeed met some brilliant people on your travels….but your safety is of the utmost importance…..so pleased it all worked out for you :))

  2. Debby

    You luck pair, what lovely people you have been meeting over there. Lesson learnt…
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Poland and be safe

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