30.08.2012 Avengers assemble!


At 6am the garage opened, and we went inside to tell them what had happened and ask if they had any CCTV we could look at. Though willing to help, we were told we had to wait for the manager to arrive at 8am before they could do anything. With two hours to wait we went to the police station in town, where we were taken upstairs to explain what had happened.

The help and support we were given was amazing, with what felt like an entire team working on the case, plain clothes officers, a sniffer dog, the lot.

After a while going over the area, we were taken back to the office to fill out all the required paperwork with a translator, who during the down time also told us about his travels, giving us some great advice and also a bit of Polish history!

As we were going through the routine, an officer came in to quickly say that they had found our stuff, and not just some of it, all of it. We were shown to a cafe whilst they finalised the paperwork, and then after only a few hours from reporting it, were reunited with our things.

Checking our gear we were given a small gift by another officer, wished luck from everyone and given a lift back to the garage where we could continue our walk. There, the garage employees came out to wish us luck also before we got onto the road to find a secretive camping spot a way up the road.
We would like to thank everyone involved in helping us out, from all the officers on scene, including Piotr, Paul and Archi, the translator, Tomasz, and everyone who has emailed offering help and support since. We really have enjoyed our time in Poland and this small incident hasn’t changed our view. If anything, the people we’ve met through it have only made us love the country more.



  1. Craig

    as if. your lucky it wasn’t this country your tent would have been up on brick long before this

  2. Judy Timney

    Thank goodness for that……A B I G
    thank-you to all concerned…..wonderful people…..

  3. Debby

    Thank goodness for the police and there resources. You aree been very lucky to get everything back.
    Maybe lots of bells on string so that when you leave things outside you can tie the bells to the carts and hear if they are being moved…
    Extended thanks to the police and all who helped

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