29.08.2012 A cold night in Piaski

We got a good nights sleep, and though we don’t want to lose our first tent, we are looking forward to using our new one. After Arjun had some more nutella equivalent, we got back on the road, filling our water bottles at a garage on the way and setting off to make good distance. Which we did.

We took a road which was still being built, so there were lots of roadworks and heavy traffic, all a bit chaotic. Luckily, there was an adjacent road alongside with no traffic at all, and so with headphones in we powered our way straight to Piaski. We walked past some nice lakes, did a quick bit of food shopping and then headed out to the other side. There we stopped at a garage to charge our things.

We feel bad mentioning this, because we’ve had nothing but positive experiences in Poland and really have had a great time. But when we left the garage to camp, we couldn’t find our camping things. We walked back through town wondering what to do, then returned to the garage and waited for the morning. It was cold.


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  1. Debby

    OMG what is this….

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