28.08.2012 Arjun bought nutella

We left early, and as we were making our way into town got stopped for a chat. The man was an avid traveller who had been many places, particularly around India, and had some good advice for us which we’ve taken on board.

We shopped for food on the way out, with Arjun having saved some food being able to finally afford some nutella equivalent. Towards the outskirts we walked past an old Nazi Concentration Camp, with an immense rock tribute. We stopped for a while and took in the place, was very haunting, even in the hot summer sun.

That evening, in spite of our decision to keep the new tent (bought yesterday) for when the old tent finally broke beyond repair, we couldn’t resist trying it out, and so found a bit of woodland with a clearing and had a look see. It’s much bigger than our current tent (though we both agreed that was a good thing), and that night we were much warmer than we had been previous nights, though whether that was down to the tent or the weather we couldn’t know. But we were both very happy with it.

Arjun ate nutella equivalent.


One comment

  1. Debby

    Good advice, lovely day and fantastic photos.

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