26/27.08.2012 The old town

We got up early and headed into the city with a small shopping list, but instead found ourselves in the old town. There was a market going on which we walked around and we spent a while looking at the old architecture and browsing the cobbled streets, typical tourist stuff.

Unexpectedly we came across a waitress who spoke English and got into small talk (hey Kasia!), discussing what we were doing and her plans to go travelling, and also got directions to a shopping centre on the other side of town. There we found the shops we were looking for, but unfortunately none of the items. Not too upset (we’ve come to expect certain things), we returned to the restaurant where we met the English speaking waitress and sat down to enjoy wifi.

The next day we returned to town looking for a new tent to be kept stored until our current tent gave up. A small chore, and seeing as we were getting close to leaving Poland we decided to spend the rest of the day in the cinema. With each ticket we got a scratch card, Kieran won a packet of mints twice and Arjun lost twice.



  1. Debby

    Nice bric a brac market, did you manage to fill your carts with anything else?? Try local tourist information offices for places to camp..

  2. Judy Timney

    Your pictures really give a feel of the places you are visiting…. I like it ! :))

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