25.08.2012 To Lublin

It rained in the morning, and we could still hear a house party going a way off down the road. We waited for the rain to subside before we left, and then packed up our wet, muddy gear in a surprisingly optimistic mood before getting back on the road.

On the way out we saw some art (couldn’t get the artist name) and stopped for food supplies. Along the road a man outside his house stopped for a brief chat, offering us to go in for drinks which we had to decline, needed to make Lublin, and we stopped at a garage for a short whiles rest from the heat.

That afternoon we made it to the city outskirts, and ran into a problem. We had no idea what the city was like, if it had a hostel or not, or where we might be able to camp, all we had was our road atlas. We followed it to a city edge where we luckily ran into some woodland, and there we fashioned our most uncomfortable camp on borderwalk so far. We watched a film to try and distract us from our discomfort. It didn’t really work.

But we were still optimistic, tomorrow we had a new city to explore.



  1. Charl

    keep up the optimism you two :) x

  2. Debby

    Some strange statues.. the strangest of all is the last one…. ah ah

  3. Judy Timney


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