23.08.2012 Oxymoron day

We woke early with a little bit of a hangover, cured almost instantly by Rafałs breakfast. We chatted for a while, going over an improved route Rafał had given us the night before and saying thanks and goodbye. Before he left for work he made us a packed lunch and gave us some provisions (thanks so much Rafał, hope you enjoy the gift we left you!), and said that we could hang around a bit before we left and go out on the pedalo if we wished. Just too good an offer.

We took a walk into town to do some shopping for the day and buy a small gift, then packed our stuff and sat down. We knew we had to walk, we needed to make distance, but with the pedalo moored we couldn’t resist, and went out on the lake.

Such good fun. We’ve been walking for near five months. The pedalo was amazing.

We did waste a bit of time on the pedalo, and as the afternoon wore on and we decided to leave, we only made it about 10km down Rafałs route before we decided to camp. As happy as we had been that morning, we were upset to leave.



  1. Debby

    Pedelo, food, sleep and great company.. what more could you want. Nice to see you relaxed. Again thanks Rafal..

  2. Judy Timney

    …no such thing as wasted time…you’ve earned your time-out boys.. and yes, thanks Rafal !! :))

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