22.08.2012 Goat Island and two bottles of vodka

We woke up refreshed and cool, shaded by the dense canopy, and made our way the short distance to Puławy.

Judging from the map we weren’t expecting too big a place, but as we walked in we were quickly impressed. Just over the bridge was an immaculate marina, with cafes and shops, even places to camp (little bit annoying). Further in was a shopping centre and main street, where we did a bit of food shopping at a supermarket and sat for a while.

As we left we rejoined the main road, where at one point a car towing a trailer drove past a bit slowly. A way down the road, the car had pulled over, and as we walked past the driver stopped us for a chat (hey Rafał!). He was friendly and told us that he owned a lake in Końskowola (the next town) where we could camp and maybe fish. We agreed to the offer and asked for directions (had to decline the lift), and then said we’d meet him there in a while. At the town we saw him again and he retold us the directions, and then later on we met him at a dirt road down into what looked like fields.

He led us in his car down the track past a couple of really nice big lakes, and then through a gate to a private lake with an island with two goats on. As we came around the end of it, he stopped by a flat space with a  BBQ, rope swings, picnic bench, caravan and short jetty with a moored pedalo. There we stayed the night, with Rafał making us some food and bringing down beers and two bottles of traditional Polish vodka (which we finished, straight), and had a really good night! We told him about borderwalk, he told us about his christmas tree plantation and DJ career among other jobs, and we had a good laugh, eventually crashing out in the caravan.



  1. straight? no water? haha proud of you, guys!

  2. Debby

    Looks like you had a good time and what a lovely place to stay..

  3. Judy Timney

    …nice man…nice goats ha….lucky you :))

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