21.08.2012 Sleeping with Jesus

With not much sleep and to the sound of heavy rain, we were up early, and decided to pack and get on the road early as well. It worked out for the best as we made it to Góra Puławska with daylight to spare.

We walked a little out of town and up a hill to a large cross surrounded by deep wood and nice camping. After resting for a bit, we went back into town for a walk around, seeing some ‘Judge Dredd’ style policemen and a really cute puppy (no video).

That night while watching a film, Arjun saw lights in the woods, and in silence with the laptop closed we stared out into the darkness wondering if there was someone there. Eventually, Kieran got bored and went for a look, Arjun following, finding nothing except distant lights on the other side of the shallow valley. Hoping that Arjun had merely been mistaken, we returned to the tent and finished watching the film, tense.


One comment

  1. Debby

    scary, hope the film was an uplifting one…

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