20.08.2012 Leaving camping late

We woke up in what felt like a sauna, Poland was only getting hotter. With lifted moods after yesterdays encounter, we made good distance, stopping at a garage on the way where we met a kid from Canada. His grandparents were Polish and he visited often, and advised us to see the old town in Lublin.

Later in the day we stopped to escape the heat in another garage, and unexpectedly came upon wifi. Hot and tired, we decided to stay, allowing us to do some administrative work and a little bit of social networking.

We stayed until closing, oblivious to the time which ended up being a bit of a problem, as we hadn’t scouted for camping and it had got dark…
We walked around the immediate area a little then took it in turns to walk a little farther afield, and luckily Kieran managed to find a spot close and secluded, but not very comfortable. It wasn’t a good nights sleep.


One comment

  1. Debby

    You are looking well, short hair suits you. It looks quite comfy where you are here..

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