19.08.2012 Podgóra party

Woke up, put in headphones, walked. Walked for a good few hours, then as we passed a hotel, Kieran stopped to check wifi, Arjun carried on.

As Kieran waited for Arjun to notice and turn around, a man walked out from the hotel and struck up a conversation (hey Wojciech!). He lives in the UK, has done for a while, and was back over in Poland for his daughters christening with the family. Really nice guy, and as Arjun came over, he invited us in for a bit of food and drink and wouldn’t take no for an answer. We initially felt a bit awkward walking in all hot and disheveled, but the entire family were smiling and welcoming with many approaching us for a chat and to wish us luck on our trip, was a really nice atmosphere and everyone was lovely! We were introduced to members of the family and offered a place to sit, then brought some traditional Polish foods, including a really nice beetroot soup and a couple of drinks. After a couple of hours we went to say our goodbyes, and as we were taking some photos we were given a bottle of wine and two boxes of cakes!

We went a little down the road and stopped, the weather still hot and surrounded by decent camping, with some lovely treats to enjoy as well.



  1. Debby

    Lovely, and liking the haircuts..

  2. Judy Timney

    S o o o pleased to see you socialising and enjoying yourself….yeah :))

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