16.08.2012 Radom

We both got a good nights sleep. We woke up, packed up, saw a man randomly walking through the woods, and headed back to the road. On the way Arjun found a huge and dangerous looking spider.

We were a little causal in our pace, stopping for a while in a small town on the outskirts for food and a sit down on a park bench. As we were chatting with a couple of bottles of drink (not alcohol), a homeless man walked past and tried to grab Arjuns bottle. It was a little weird, as we watched him attempt to kick off in spite of us telling him we couldn’t speak Polish. Eventually he ran out of steam and continued on his way, leaving us still sat on the bench in mild confusion.

We made it to the outskirts of Radom much sooner than expected, and skirting around the place found a decent place to set up camp. We spent the evening on wifi.



  1. Judy Timney

    …wonderful pictures……:))

  2. Debby

    This is a wasp spider, it weaves a spiral web which can take only a hour to complete. The female is larger than the male. They are widely common around Europe and Asia especially in areas with long grass or low vegetation. There endeth todays science lesson..

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