15.08.2012 Good distance and hair cuts

We woke up early to more rain, so quickly packed and got on the move.

We were 45km from Radom, todays goal was to more than half that distance. Not too long into walking, the rain stopped and the sun came out, and it was hot.

We passed through a couple of small towns, and everything seemed shut. Upon closer inspection, everything was shut, even the 24hr supermarkets. We had no idea what was going on, but we saw a lot of people in suits and walked past a church so full that people were crowding outside. A car of people pulled up for a quick chat, found what we were doing quite funny but wished us luck.

All the while, all day, we kept at it though, making good time, and by around 5pm we passed a sign saying Radom 23km. We pressed on for a while longer, until we came to a woodland that looked too nice to pass up on. We found a perfectly flat, soft area hidden from the road with a bit of shelter as well, and set up camp.

Arjun gave Kieran a haircut.



  1. Judy Timney

    There you go, jobs for when you get back..hairdresser and model…sorted :))

  2. Debby

    Oh my.. undecided on this, will have to keep looking at it to see if it suits. You look like a teddy boy..

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