Poetry week results

Limerick Tuesday:

There once were two guys in Wales,
Who decided to go on around the world trails,
When they got back home,
They never again did roam,
Just sat in the pubs drinking ales.
-Kieran Rae

There once were two borderwalkers,
Who set off to walk across borders,
They made it quite far,
All without hitting a bar,
Until asked how they walked on water.
-Arjun Bhogal


Haiku Wednesday:

Wind, rain, sun and cold,
All the elements take hold,
Not in my crap tent.
-Kieran Rae

I’m on borderwalk,
Trying to write a Haiku,
I’m bored as f**k.
-Arjun Bhogal



Arjun has done one, will post when we can.


Serious Sunday:

Further alone into the void,
A lost purpose in a repeating yesterday,
With fame and glory no longer in mind,
One more step.
-Kieran Rae



  1. Judy Timney

    Keep it up boys :))

  2. Debby

    Very thoughtful boys.. maybe you should do a book on these

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