13.08.2012 The day we lost a day

Honestly woke up thinking it was sunday. We discussed our memories over the past few days, and both concluded that something had gone wrong with the universe.

Walking through Opoczno we found a bizarrely busy supermarket, where we uncomfortably got supplies and then sat outside and watched for a bit. As we watched a man came over for a chat, and we discovered that it was a new shop which had only opened that very day.

On the way out, two different guys pulled over to offer us a lift, Poland really is full of pleasant people!

In the evening the weather looked to be taking a turn, so we stopped in a cluster of woods and settled for the night. As we were setting up, a deer haphazardly wandered right up to us without noticing, as Arjun pointed it out it then stopped dead in it’s tracks for a second before fleeing back into the woods.

That evening, it rained. A lot.


  1. Judy Timney

    Good to hear from you again :))

  2. Christine

    Makes my day to know you are both okay

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