09.08.2012 Teacups on the roof

Today we forgot about poetry week and focused on getting as close to Piotrkow Trybunalski as we could, and to be fair, we didn’t do too bad a job.

In the day we stopped at a small shop for drinks and crisps where a friendly man came and chatted with us for a bit and offered us a place to stay, and that evening we found relatively ok camping near a 24hr bar with wifi which had teacups on the ceiling.



  1. Jeni

    love the tea cups :D

  2. Bonnie Newman (@bonnienewman)

    haha amazing, this place looks crazy! Not the sort of place for the weak minded.. wondering what substances were ingested by the people who designed this place

  3. Debby

    What a fun idea, bet that put a smile on your faces, loving the photos

  4. lucky you that the cups were empty :D

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