08.08.2012 Crossing mains to get to the main

We were on the back roads, heading on the shortest possible route to the next main town, which was strange because other main roads criss-crossed the one we were on.

Today was haiku day, that morning we did some filming, messed around with the Sony Panoramic setting, Kieran saw a small snake, and that night Arjun saw a massive spider. Not much else really happened.

We stopped by the edge of woodlands worried we would struggle to find better camping, and fell asleep pretty early on nice, flat ground.

Oh! Actually something else did happen, one of the tent poles split, and we fixed it with duck tape.



  1. Debby

    Hooray for duck tape, what would you do without it!

  2. Judy

    l o v e the picture, very clever :))

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