07.08.2012 Poetry week

We got up early, not having had a decent nights sleep due to rain and cramp (and also cold…), and set our target for the day. To counter our poor morale, Kieran declared it poetry week, todays poem being a limerick. We will post our attempts at the weeks end.

In the heat, we made it to Burzenin, bought crisps and drink and failed to find wifi. Walking out we saw a very drunk man fall into a ditch.

As it cooled in the afternoon, we made it to Widawa, where we refilled our water, failed to find wifi, and re-evaluated our target.

We made it a good distance out of Widawa, way past where we expected, and found more lovely camping to boot.



  1. Debby

    Reminds me of Halloween one year, where you all made masks for trick or treating… woods look lovely and cool and you both look great

  2. Judy

    …can’t wait for the poetry…..:))

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