06.08.2012 Bring in the boots

We sat around Zloczew for a large part of the day, doing our shopping for the next few days, trying to find wifi (and failing), and sitting in a cafe charging our electronics. We head off not expecting to get to far, and by borderwalk standards, we didn’t.

But we did make it to some really nice camping in deep woods, where we got out the hammocks and revised our cart packing systems. We’re really not carrying that much equipment, but it is all oversized and/or delicate, and getting it all safely packed is becoming a nuisance. We didn’t really achieve much, Kieran managed to take some stress off his rucksack and Arjun tidied up his cart, but that was it.

As we were in the tent that night we heard what sounded like strong wind in the trees. A few moments later we panicked and fished our boots from outside into the tent with us just before the rain got really heavy. Our tent isn’t the largest in the world, in fact it’s too small even to lie out in, combined with our electronics, random important stuff and boots, it was a very uncomfortable night.



  1. Debby

    Close call, at least you stayed dry in your accommodation..

  2. Judy

    I can only admire your spirit and determination boys :))

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