03.08.2012 Shade

We woke up and checked our feet. The situation was no better. Just before we took drastic action with the medikit, we agreed to take a day off and let them heal properly, also allowing us to do administration work that wasn’t done in Wroclaw.

We took a short and staggered walk to an atm, returned to the 24hr cafe and spent the day off our feet, on the laptop, sending emails. It was a welcome break from the scorching sun, and by the time the 24hr cafe closed at midnight (confusing), we could feel that our feet were significantly better. That night, just because we could, we watched another film.



  1. Debby

    Nice one…. socks looking great, will send this picture

  2. Judy

    ..hmm, like the very fine socks.. pleased that you are resting your feet :))

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