02.08.2012 Sunshine

For all our complaints about the wet, we still made distance. In the blistering heat, we’re struggling. We worked out our route for further up the way, gave ourselves something to aim for (a 30km walk). About half way we stopped in a bit of green for a lunch of sausage sandwiches and to air our feet. Bit of a problem as when we got ready to start again the pain really set in.

Note; do not walk long distances in hot weather in brand new hiking boots.

We managed a bit more distance, but the temperature didn’t drop throughout the afternoon and we fell way short of 30km, stopping by a quiet 24hr cafe with free wifi. We spent the evening going over administration, watching the olympics and considering getting food, when about forty men all arrived at once and ordered meals. Surrounded by food we caved in and went to order, only to be told that they didn’t accept card payments. We went to camp, finished our sausage sandwiches in the dark in our tiny tent, and watched a film.



  1. Judy

    …..yep, you must look after them, after all you will be going nowhere if you don’t… ha..:))

  2. Jagtar

    Take care of your feet, make sure they are fully recovered………. speak to you soon

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