01.08.2012 Easing in isn’t working

We woke up and got on the road early, and walked for what felt like ages, interrupted with a single stop at a garage where we escaped the midday heat. But we didn’t make it too far, only hitting 20km, making it to Kepno. Kieran was getting multiple blisters and beginning to find walking uncomfortable, Arjun was getting blisters and had problems with back pain, and without any real target to aim for we were getting a bit down.

To cheer ourselves up, Kieran decided to set a challenge for the month. We would begin with 30 zloty, one for every day, and everyday we swore, we lost that zloty. Arjun then made the challenge even more difficult by making it not every day we swore we lost a zloty, but every time we swore we lost a zloty. It didn’t work out very well.

That night, seeing as we were in pain and had found a nice camp in a spot of woods, we stopped at a posh restaurant and watched the Olympics (with wifi!).


  1. Debby

    Ditto, relax and enjoy your journey..

  2. Judy

    ……this part was always going to be hard, it’s just getting through it. But you must make sure that you make proper time for proper relaxation…you are travelling the world; take time out to see it and have some personal time as well. It is so important that you do. Re-plan some things to give yourselves something to look forward to. Your journey so far has been hard enough, especially with the weather…..and despite all that look how well you have done……Brilliant :))

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