31.07.2012 A bit of a waste

We found quite early into our walking a garage with wifi, which was perfect considering we had remembered various things we’d forgotten to do whilst at the hostel.

Strangely, many sites didn’t work, including our email, so Kieran tried installing various browsers and playing with the internet security settings, but to no avail, four hours later and the only sites we could actually get onto were the BBC and Facebook.

We left the garage miserable. We had through Arjuns phone managed to get some important emails sent, but it had taken most of the day, and the majority of things needing to be done we couldn’t manage to do.

We walked, finding easy passage through extensive road works by sticking to closed roads. As it began to press onto the evening and we were forced to rejoin the open road, a couple of friendly workmen gave us directions to Sycow, where we could go through the town and rejoin the road on the other side of the works.

In Sycow we did a bit of food shopping, then went to find camp, which considering the amount of light left proved a little tricky. It wasn’t comfortable, and we heard a badger sized animal foraging in the night quite near us, but we did find a spot and set up camp. Also, it didn’t rain.

Couple of older photos we haven’t had chance to use yet.



  1. Debby

    wifi will be more available, dont worry and i am sure that you will get it sorted out quickly

  2. Judy

    …posts are coming thick and fast at the moment, can tell you have wifi ha…pleased it’s not raining…..:))

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