30.07.2012 Funday

Seeing as it was the third day, and it didn’t look to be any better than the previous two (can you tell the holiday kind of messed us up?), we decided to have a Funday, where we weren’t allowed to complain and had to find the good humour in everything. Kieran started by laughing at his blisters, Arjun at his agonising back.

The day started off not too bad, and considering the previous two, we made good distance, still having to stop early so as to ease into the routine rather than break ourselves like we did in the UK, but otherwise not much happened.

We didn’t walk that far, and we didn’t walk for that long, stopping early in a very lumpy camp and watching another film to try and tear our minds away from what we were doing.


One comment

  1. Judy

    It was always going to be harder after a break and seeing your friends..but what a good idea to keep your spirits up…..and it will get back to (what is) normal for you…keep smiling :))

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