29.07.2012 Andrew Jackson

We woke up from our first night outside the hostel to rain. It hadn’t rained in three weeks. We refused to move until it stopped.

At about midday, we clambered out of our puddles and repacked our carts properly. It took a while, and on the way back out we stopped again at the restaurant for a bit, where a very polite American couple struck up a conversation, and then donated $20 before they left!

We waked until the evening, when we were caught out in torrential rain and saw lightening closing in from the distance, so found a very secluded place and set up the tent for the first time. It was lovely, so lovely, and it made us so happy we even got the laptop out and watched a film.



  1. Debby

    Yeah, money for the pot.. keep the cash donations coming..

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