Wroclaw and videos

We spent the week in Wroclaw, relaxing about The One Hostel, going over gear, editing the videos below, visiting the Krawl Through Wroclaw people, being coaxed by Tyson into trying Tartar (raw mincemeat with a raw egg on top, actually really nice!), hanging around in a 24hr bar until sunrise (hey Marta!) trying out the bar staffs drink ‘Rape in the woods’, seeing Prometheus (and Spiderman), checking out bears and wolves in a zoo for future reference, and generally seeing the sights, including a lot of street performances and an outdoor cinema.

Refreshed, we said goodbye to people on the 21st, a very depressing day as it really hit home that we couldn’t go home, and then booked a few more days in the hostel waiting for spare wheels to arrive.

(Photos to come soon, they’re all on Nasibs camera!)



  1. Debby

    Here, here..

  2. Judy

    Brilliant videos as usual. Pleased that all is well with you :))

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