07.07.2012 Facial hair

Kieran survived the night dry, and Arjun would have done also were it not for collected water pouring into his open bivy.

We walked to a garage to eat breakfast in blistering heat, use free wifi and discover we were even closer to Legnica than Kierans optimistic guess. Whilst walking, a bus driver pulled over to over us a lift. We explained as best we could that we had to walk, gave him the website and said thanks. The guy beeped and waved to us every time he drove by that day, and as we got to the last junction before Legnica, he pulled over to chat as best he could (no English) and give us a bag of food! Such a nice guy, wished us luck, waved us off and seemed so happy to be of help. The bag he gave us had fruit, bread, meat, drinks and chocolate, we were so appreciative, thanks again if you’re reading this!

Set up camp and took a walk into Legnica where we found wifi, and seeing as we’d arrived two days early to meet people, we organised coming back in the next day with equipment to do some much needed updates.

Also, we now have good facial hair.



  1. Sarah

    I love these pictures of you both! xx

  2. Debby

    robinson crusoe here we come…. you will have nothing on us…

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