05.07.2012 Bike shop people are always so nice

We made the relatively short distance to Boleslawiec where we stocked up on food (still no tins) and searched for a bike shop. In the town centre we came across a place, and once we walked in and told them what we needed, they went about all the work, doing the whole tyre replacement for us, pumping up all our wheels and providing us with everything we needed. Such lovely people we stopped and chatted for a bit, telling them about what we were doing etc, and then as we bought more spares they gave us a ‘special price’ and wished us luck.

The further we walk through Poland the more we’re liking it.

That evening we walked on the cusp of a thunderstorm, just close enough to be in the rain and see all the lightening, but on the edge enough to also be under hot sun. Was a strange experience, and that night as we camped the strange experience of feeling like we were actually inside a hurricane occurred again. Neither of us have ever seen storms like we’ve seen out here, they are literally terrifying.


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  1. Debby

    Tyres and innertubes on the way to you as I put this comment on

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