03.07.2012 A new culture

After waking up multiple times due to wet patches in the bivy or a battering from the tarp, the rain and storm started to die down around 5am and we got a bit of sleep. We got up at 8am, got our towels out and attempted to dry our stuff, then walked to Poland again.

We stopped at wifi to get directions, then tried to shop but got approached by some questionable looking homeless people so moved on. We tried another shop, no tinned food, but did find a road map. As we were walking further in we stopped at a garage where we got some strange looks by four identically mustached men, so didn’t stop long.

Poland was a bit intimidating.

A while down the road however as we got further from the German border, things took a change. A guy pulled up on a bike (Hey Patrick!) and told us of his travels around Indonesia, then offered us a place to stay in Wroclaw if we needed, nice guy! And a nice couple stopped as we were checking out the map and helped with directions. People spoke English, people were friendly, lots of places were 24hr and wifi was commonplace. We were very quickly warming to Poland.

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