01/02.07.2012 Gorlitz and border hopping

Horrified by the night before, we decided to go tourist for the day around Gorlitz, try to bring back some normality into our lives. We went over the border again where we found a shop open on a sunday, checked the exchange rate, then gave ourselves £1 each to spend. We came out with bananas, crisps, jaffa cakes in various flavours, chocolate and a two litre smoothie.

We found a greek restaurant for the final, which we missed most of as Kieran found a very surreal place nearby whilst on the phone. It was like a really dense antique market, in an abandoned building, that was being lived in and used as a home, really hard to describe, but a guy drinking wine whilst sitting down to a meal was more than happy to invite us into what can only be described as the living area and take some photos.

The next day we travelled deeper into Poland, got some translations and found out that the country has free wifi in restaurants and garages, pretty much like the UK. We were soo happy we sat around on the internet for a few hours via our phones, then decided to leave the next day so went back to camp early.

That night we found ourselves on the set of ‘The perfect storm’, again a night that we cannot explain the horror of. Even if we tried it wouldn’t be believed. We got thoroughly soaked.



  1. Debby

    Only £1 each, wow you can buy lots for that..

  2. Judy

    ..glad you’ve got wifi again and that the people seem friendly….scary picture tho’…..take care :)

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