30.06.2012 Thunder and Poland

Woke up to periodic rain, so we spent most of the day chilling around the campsite. We left at around 3pm, made it to Gorlitz by 4.30pm.

We found a very hidden camp, so hidden even we struggled to reach it, and went off to find Poland. Gorlitz like most places we’d been in east Germany was full of abandoned buildings right up until the city centre, which was really nice. We saw the sights, then seeing high rise flats on the other side of the skyline, headed towards them for Poland, which though was a joke, ended up being correct.

Kieran, determined to have made Poland by the end of the month, crossed over the pedestrian bridge across the border. Then we walked back to camp.

That night we struggled to get any sleep. A storm that you would not believe blew across the sky, with lightening so numerous it turned the night to day for literal seconds at a time, wind so strong we feared for our 20kg rucksacks being blown away, and rain so heavy we felt like we were aboard a boat.


One comment

  1. Debby

    Wow that weather has not been kind of late has it. Lets hope that it starts to improve soon for you

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