29.06.2012 Solar takes charge

We woke up to the low tarp dripping condensation, but with the sun out and hot it wasn’t a problem and we dried everything properly in less than 30mins.

Low on water we came across a campsite at midday, and after filling up and checking prices (soo cheap), decided to take advantage of the opportunity and paid for a night. We got out the solar panels and set them up, then showered, cleaned clothes and walked back to a small town for some shopping. When we got back we squeezed the last bit of sunlight into the solar kits battery pack, then managed to charge literally everything off of it with power spare.

We chatted with an Australian campervan owner who was doing a round tour of Europe, then settled in to watch a film before bed.


One comment

  1. Debby

    So glad that you have sorted these solar panels out and that they give you the power that you need, they will certainly help as the Charity walk continues

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